What kind of dog bowl do you choose for your pet?

What kind of dog bowl do you choose for your pet?

Looking for the right bowl for your dog, but not sure where to start? It is important that each dog has two exclusive bowls that are adapted to his size, the needs of his breed and his specific nutritional needs. Our pet needs two separate dishes for water and food. How do you size them? They should be selected according to the food they are fed and the breed of our four-legged dog – large dogs require large bowls. With the right bowl dog, our dog will always be able to eat his favourite treats with taste. Today, there is a lot of dog bowl on the market, we can choose them not only in size, but also in shape and pattern or colour.

Choose a classic for your dog

With the original bowl, you can highlight the character of your dog and thus distinguish him from others ( To determine what size of bowl would be suitable for your dog, calculate approximately the capacity of the feed ration per meal). If you have already chosen a size to suit your pet’s needs, start thinking about choosing the right bowl design. Bowl dog can be classic, i. e. made of steel and also have its colour. There are by far the most such bowls on the market. These vessels are made of stainless steel, often with additional silicone elements that prevent them from slipping on the floor. These bowls are easy to disinfect – they are also easy to clean after a meal. We can also choose the plastic option – these are made of plastic.

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